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Whore wife part 3 After my 2 Episode fuck Rob, who was desperate for more cock, I was disappointed to learn that Rob was not over for the next game of rugby. However, my disappointment quickly turned to joy. Rob called and invited me to join him on game day in the city. I informed my husband Gary, I like to go shopping this afternoon. He did not care because he had been repeatedly made ​​bitter anyway. Round came soon and I am in my usual purchasing team, jeans and tight T-shirt. But my best put under tight white panties and bra sexy. I left my husband at the club and went to the nearest station. I parked and got on the train. Rob and I text him and was in the pub in the city. As the training is stopped at the station of the city, I was very nervous but very excited, my legs were shaking and she felt like jelly. I Text Rob to find out what was in the pub he arrived, 'Walkabout' an answer for me the text. I'm on my way to the bar and in the queue for about 20minutes before I meet Rob 's waiting for me and was friendly with him. Rob introduced his friend Dick, Rob went to the bar a drink of me, and I asked Dick why he was called as a stupid name, whispered to me that there was jasara a 9-inch cock, and when I was a good girl , which could be later. He grabbed my hand and rubbed the front of his pants, he was right, I could feel a monster of a cock, trapped jasara in his jeans. Ad said Rob said he had pulled me senseless and sucked a cock. I felt like a slut, but proud too. We have seen the game and Dick Rob and I kept buying me drinks, white wine great. I was always angry. Rob had jasara his arm around me and stroked my arm bears. I always felt the whole thought of tingling, hot and humid just what would happen next. The game ended and Rob grabbed me and pulled me out of the jasara thick bar force behind us. We reached the station, and I have been asked, we would say back to Rob's plansce. The train was full and I could feel thick ass pressing and rubbing against me was to use Rob slid his tongue into the throat for each alert. Anyway, I did not jasara care and again it just all wet, two cocks tonight. We came home with Rob and the boys put the jasara TV in the rugby point of view and open a few cans of larger. Rob turned to the volume of television and put on some music CDs. I stood up, take off my jacket and the kids just seem to fall on jasara me. Rob Dick was kissing me and behind jasara me and kissed my neck. I love it and it melted in my hands. It helped me out of my shirt and kissed his way to Rob my boobs and put his head between them and muzzled. Dick and unclipped her bra out my tits, sucking on a nipple and Rob Dick sucking the other nipple. shoved me on the couch and seconds later, my jeans were pulled down and tied. was in my tight white string on the left, the guys made ​​me get up andParade in front of them and even made me bend over and put your ass close to them, kiss my ass cheeks Dick. I was like a faucet, my pussy was in heat, and I was desperate for a cock. Rob has taken the next step and stood up and pulled his pants and took off his shirt, jasara Dick saw him, I sat down and Rob came to me with his erect cock not fully hard, but the half. jasara Rob told me to suck. I reached out and took his cock in my hand and began to masturbate. Rob came over and took his cock in my mouth and began to blow. I've never seen before to after this with some others. I sipped away and held my ass with my other hand. Dick came up and started playing with my tits and nipples as well. jasara Rob cock was fully hard and stands up right. He pulled his tail and said he wanted to fuck me. He told me to turn around and kneel on the edge of the couch, I bent down and came to form in my back, I pulled the panties aside, got into the fan on my slippery wetny. I reached out and gets rid of Dicks and down belt closure tired and grabbed his cock. Rob was fucking me and it felt really good, but having another dick in my hand was incredible. I approached the thick cock and soon began to suck and lick his helmet, pre-cum came out of the slot and licked my hands were squeezing my tits Rob and found its way into the front of my kicker and began to masturbate my clitoris as he fucked me. I tried to suck thick, but Rob was very difficult for me to concentrate sucking cock. Dick took over and crashed tail moth me and I was fucked at both ends. began to end, and I got an orgasm shutter speed. Rob pulled out his penis and told Dick to change again. I was just about the biggest cock I had to come into me, but had no time to think about how Rob Hahn was locked in the waiting room, mouth and slid Dick 9 inch cock in my pussy without much effort. Rob Hahn liked a little different,especially as I was fucking with him and I cum all over them. Dick pushed forward, and I thought I broke my second hard sucked Rob Hahn and straw to him as well, Dick was fucking me very slowly, but with deep long strokes and I could feel his cock in my pussy is true. I much prefer the Rob Hahn and I sucked and wanked away until they screamed jasara in Cumming and shoot his cum jasara deep into my mouth. I did a straw and swallow his cum as fast as I could. Dick said he would not be long now, and I went to the gift sperm in me, and he went and shot all over her face and tits. Thick tail moved and shot several loads all over the place, it was in my air, face, nose in my neck and tits. I drew my finger and licked it with her tongue. was a dirty dog and new. We stayed on the couch, exhausted and with a big smile on our faces. I forgot the time and was in the vicinity of 8 hours, Rob told me to call a taxi, as usualland takes about an hour to get from one place to mine Rob. Rob called the cab company, and he said he would be about half an hour. I said great and began to dress, but the boy had other ideas and took me back on the couch. Dick came out of my panties and slid a jasara finger into my vagina, I began to kiss and put his tongue in my mouth. He should be able to cum I like Rob. He took his finger and told me to lick clean, as I have, because you made ​​a good whore. Rob arrived, he put his cock in me and told me to understand again. I leaned forward and took it to his mouth, put Dick and offered his cock in my mouth as well and I started sucking and fondling each other and change the back and front. My jaw jasara hurt and my hand hurt, but I, masturbating and sucking cock for all he was worth. Dick got there first and planted my worm on his cock and pumped her mouth full of sperm. I swallowed the lot. Rob began to fuck my mouth very quickly. ªs taxi took 15 minutes before, had not yet cum Rob, Rob Dick says the dress and tell jasara the driver to hang for several minutes. Rob pumped my mouth and sucked it to masturbate like crazy and let out a sigh jasara and suddenly Rob cum, shooting multiple loads in my mouth. I swallowed the match again. I quickly dressed me a bra or panties. I took my bra, but could not find my thong. All jasara my dress pants and bras least have hidden in my jacket pocket. I kissed the kids good night and got into the taxi. He smiled and said insert having a good time. that just smiled and said thanks fantastic. I got home and showered before my husband was drunk, but did not know that his wife was a bitch fuck all, and had the biggest cock of her early life in the afternoon. I forgot about the car and went to get it, got up in the morning before the husband. Love Tracy (female dog)
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